All about Brook Ultra

"I like to dance. I like to go to the beach. I like to hang out and do normal stuff. I play Scrabble. I get really high scores," said Brook Ultra, a petite (5'1", 105 pounds) 'n' stacked babe who, in this scene, shows us that she also likes to fuck her tight little pussy with toys while her ass hangs off the couch, giving us nice views of her asshole. Brook loves to fuck. She even takes it up the ass. But here, we have her all to ourselves.

"I have a lingerie obsession," she said. "I go to lingerie stores three times a week. I like anything really small and tight. I like shorts that show my camel-toe. I like to be naked a lot."

She's naked a lot in this scene, although the video starts with an interview so we can find out more about her. It's nice to know something about a girl before you jerk off to her, isn't it?

"At first I like a guy to tease me a little bit but then fuck the shit out of me really, really hard," she said. "I like it from behind the best. I like to play with my pussy. That gets me wet, especially thinking about all the guys who are watching me.

"I'm assertive when it comes to telling a guy what I need to get off, but I am submissive when it comes to everything else. I wish a guy would hog-tie me right now and take his time and lick me all over, especially on my clit. And then slide his dick in really slow and then out slow and then just start fucking me really hard. It makes me so wet. And have a guy just tie me up and do whatever he wants to me and fuck the shit out of me until I cum all over his cock.

"I like when a guy eats me out and he holds my legs apart so I can't close them. I cum so fucking hard. I like anal. I like when guys go in my asshole slow and start pounding me. It feels so good, especially when they start fingering my pussy while they're fucking my ass. It gets me off."

This is all good information. After all, who knows who you might run into one day?

All about Brook Ultra

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