Beautiful Bikini Girl Chloe Lamoure Banged & Creamed

Chloe Lamoure is a beauty with pretty brown eyes and a bright smile. She has a shapely and slim body and big tits, the kind of body that's perfect for swimsuits. Chloe could model bikinis in swimsuit catalogs. She was drawn to nude modeling and hardcore porn because she's an adventurous girl and loves hot sex.

"I like to have lotion rubbed into my breasts," Chloe said. "One fantasy I have is many guys rubbing lotion on my boobs. I like foot fetish, when a man massages my feet."

Michael doesn't massage Chloe's feet. He gets to play with Chloe's tits and cream them in two different ways when they fuck on the patio on a hot, sunny day. Chloe's in a bikini and wants Michael to rub lotion on her. As he rubs the white goo into her skin, she reaches out. Chloe wants that cock to suck and fuck.

"I'm a passive girl with men. I like that feeling that the man has control over me and I do as he wants. I really love to give blow jobs and I usually swallow my partner's cum. If I'm alone, I masturbate but I like it best when somebody is watching me play with myself."

Beautiful Bikini Girl Chloe Lamoure Banged & Creamed

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