Bedroom Breastfest

Lucy Lenore wakes up to find a breakfast tray by her feet. It's tempting but a breast-fest of masturbation is more tempting to Lucy.

XLGirls: What kind of foreplay do you like best?

Lucy: I like either role play or rough foreplay. I really like being pushed around. Seeing a theme, here?

XLGirls: Tell us about your kinkiest encounter.

Lucy: Probably at my ex's place. A lot of ropes and belts, collars and outfits happened in that place. It's hard to tell what was the kinkiest. Kink was my life for a while.

XLGirls: Sex in public?

Lucy: I have had sex in a room with other people while they were asleep. But never in public. I would like to. I live the idea of being shoved into a dirty bar bathroom or in a group setting.

XLGirls: What about the dark side of the moon? Anal sex?

Lucy: I love it. But it takes me a while to let a guy get there.

Bedroom Breastfest

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