Blair Angeles eats cum

Blair Angeles, a 67-year-old divorcee, mother of two and grandmother of two, returns to suck and fuck Johnny's cock. She sucks his balls, too, and opens her mouth for his cum and swallows it. Blair is a worldly woman who has done a lot of traveling and done a lot of different things, and now she's doing this for the first time.

We asked Blair if she's surprised that our members love older women--the older the better--and she said, "That is surprising to me because in our culture, there's such a tendency in advertising to show the younger, thinner girls with their hair flowing and being perfect, and life just isn't like that. I think most men are put off by that because it's too perfect, and they don't want someone who's too perfect because they can't identify with their human nature. And beauty comes from within. If you're beautiful on the inside, it comes out."

Blair enjoys men of all ages. The guy in this scene is easily young enough to be her grandson. She also said, "My mother is Italian aristocracy. My father is from Italy, and they're farmers, so I have the best of both worlds: culture and a knowledge of political things plus a feel for the earth. It's very important to have both things in your life."

Blair Angeles eats cum

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