Bowling For Boobs

Have you ever seen a busty girl wearing a hot, two-piece schoolgirl-stripper costume and high-heeled shoes try to bowl?

We hadn't either until the SCORE studio dreamed up this adventure in wholesome recreation. Ditzy Dominno is a klutz when it comes to sending that ball down the alley. Part of the reason we love her.

A man with his mind in the gutter and always looking to stick his fingers and other body parts in holes, Mr. K. steps in to help Dominno try to improve her technique. That doesn't last long because they're both more interested in fucking than bowling, and so are we.

Dominno goes down like a bowling pin. She'd rather play with his balls than with those big, heavy balls anyway. Dominno is far from goofy with his cock in her dainty hands. But you know what they say: the couple that bowls together, splits.

Bowling For Boobs

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