Breaking In The Newcomer

Christine Cox is new at porn and hot modeling but not new to fucking. But there is fucking and then there is porn fucking. There's regular guys and there's porn guys.

Christine is checking herself out in a mirror when Tony comes behind her and seizes the moment, squeezing her big boobs and feeling up her big butt. She's in her undies--a bra and panties. They won't be staying on her very long.

Tony unzips, takes out his cock and sticks it between Christine's tits. She squeezes her boobs together and wraps them around his fuck-stick.

Christine takes his dick in hand and sucks it, per his instructions. She's new at making videos and taking pictures with guys. However, she's a fast learner and has a professional teacher.

Christine and Tony both get on the bed and get into a 69 position and she sucks his cock some more. Placing Christine on her back, Tony sticks his rod in Christine's pussy and thrusts like a jackhammer while Christine fingers her clit and makes cum-faces. She's learning from one of the best as Tony breaks in the newcomer.

Breaking In The Newcomer

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