Brown Eye of the Tigerr

"Doggie can't be beaten during anal sex!" Asian-British Tigerr Benson said. She finds pleasure in all positions when a guy is popping her pussy.

There's anal doggie in this scene and more anal when Tigerr sits and bounces on the cock in her butt, facing the camera, her bare feet on her fuck partner's thighs for leverage.

Tigerr is usually submissive to man power but there are times when things are reversed. We've seen Tigerr exert female power before. She shows Angelo a gift box, flashing a sweetly wicked grin that means the unexpected is coming. There's a pair of steel handcuffs in the box and she wants to snap the cuffs on him so she can drive him insane sucking and licking his pole. Tigerr turns around to sit on his cock, getting every millimeter up her pink squeezebox. This is before she even got naked.

Tigerr is a wild cat at sex. "I don't really perform," the exotic buxotic told us. She lives it. "It's just what I like to do. I like sucking and ball-licking a lot. I can take really big cocks in my ass and enjoy it."

In the June 2017 issue of SCORE, editor Dave wrote, "We can read Tigerr's mind. Her thoughts come across loud, clear and horny in all of her scenes. It's her passion for sucking and fucking cocks on-camera that made Tigerr our 2016 Hardcore Performer of the Year."

SCORELAND: Tigerr, this scene started off with a lot of teasing and edging as you sucked and fucked Angelo while he was handcuffed. Does teasing get you hotter?

Tigerr: I love teasing. It makes me super horny and wet. It's all to do with the lead-up and playtime. Without the teasing, it's boring.

SCORELAND: What does the tattoo on your inner right ankle read?

Tigerr: Hot Wife. [Laughs]

SCORELAND: What do the fans ask to see you shoot lately?

Tigerr: They love seeing me in stockings and suspenders. Especially being playful. Like food play foot fetish, lots of kissing, bouncing around, making a guy worship me.

SCORELAND: Any comment for the fans about anything?

Tigerr: Have a lovely Christmas and the rest of the year admiring hot women on SCORELAND. Please enjoy me lots!

Brown Eye of the Tigerr

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