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Creamin' Mya's Pie

North Carolina girl is in the big city and she's got some big-ass titties to share. The cam girl and occasional exotic dancer at the Crazy Horse in the city of Hickory joins Jim on the terrace of his high-rise with a bottle of champagne and her sexy plumpness poured into a tight dress. This babe must drink Awesome Juice for breakfast. She blows it all sky-high, gagging on dick and painting it red with her lipstick.

She's dick-drunk and he's boob-drunk now. They go inside to the bedroom for some fuck and suck time. Intoxicated by her plush bod and country-girl looks, Jim bangs Mya hard enough to break the bed frame. He does an interesting move that most studs don't do to XL Girls. He takes the fleshy area above her pussy in his hand and squeezes it together while he's screwing her in missionary. (See photos 66 and 67.)

Mya's lips and pussy are magical and Jim can't get enough of her deep-throating and gagging. Fucking her tits is an adventure, akin to climbing Mt. Everest. When she's riding him on top, he sticks a finger up her butthole. After pounding Mya hard and fast, he slows down in missionary. Right then, her pussy is filled with seed. He pulls out and steps back so the skeet can be seen oozing out of Mya's sperminated pussy as she ooohs and aaahs. Mya holds her legs back to show the camera the nut-sauce dripping out of her. Tingling, she rubs her cum-covered slit in satisfaction, then tastes her fingers. “So good,” Mya purrs.

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