Danielle Derek's anal three-way

When this scene was released, I wrote, "When it cums to nut-busting double-penetration, Danielle Derek leaves no holes barred. Her two yard men are working outside when Danielle wakes up and opens her bedroom blinds. They only get a few seconds into the job before Danielle grabs them by the junk. She's got the right kind of grip on men, and no one knows better than Danielle about milking a guy's balls."

I love Danielle's spirit and get-it-done attitude. Wild, dirty, nasty, super-porny sex is her life's work and her love of busty bimboism is second to none.

Sometimes the comments under a posting make me wonder if Dave and I are bad influences with the copy we write. For example, for this video at SCORELAND, "Boobguy" wrote, "Miss Derek is simply amazing, the perfect tits-on-a-stick bimbo. I hope we see lots more of this butt slut in the future. You can tell that nothing makes her happier than shaking her huge, fake tits while she has a big dick up her ass." I feel some degree of guilt and responsibility for this type of comment, although I have no regrets since we're SCORE Group editors, not guidance counselors. And I was impressed with his use of hyphens for the expression "tits-on-a-stick bimbo."

Danielle says she doesn't watch her videos.

"I'll watch other girls' scenes," Danielle said.

Even in regular conversations, the girl sounds like a breathless phone-sex operator.

"I want the guy I'm fucking to stay focused on me, my tits and my pussy. He doesn't need to see me in a video when he's got me in his arms."

Well said.

Most SCORE Girls don't do double penetration. Miss Derek is not most girls. She takes pride in being a sexbomb bimbo fuck-toy, and you can't ask for more than that.

Danielle Derek's anal three-way

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