Deep Inside Milly

"I hope everyone writes letters and makes comments about my videos and photos and lets me know how much you loved them and what you did when you were looking at them. And maybe I'll lay in bed reading the comments and masturbate while I'm reading them, so it can be like we're doing it together!" So says Milly Marks, a girl with movie star looks and a 36H bustine.

Milly Marks is dressed to kill in a tight dress. In this P.O.V. scene, she opens the door to greet you and let you in for an afternoon of horny sex. It's been a wild ride for Milly since this girl-next-door decided to contact The SCORE Group because she discovered we are big-bust specialists.

Milly likes to watch also. A lot of girls get into the adult scene just for the money. Milly is different. Her high-intensity sex drive was a motivator. She was an exotic dancer living in a house full of young strippers in Texas when she decided to send a message to a TSG editor.

"I like watching other people have sex. I've talked about it with the photographer. I like watching my friends have sex in front of me. Sometimes I masturbate while I lay next to them. I get off more on just watching. Even in my personal life when I'm hooking up with people, if I'm laying in bed all day with another guy, I love when we lay next to each other and just masturbate. I feel like a perv sometimes. I love watching people have sex. I want to watch everyone that I care about have sex in front of me. I love to watch a guy jerk off next to me, and I'll play with myself."

Deep Inside Milly

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