Doin' the nasty with a stacked lap dancer

"As you may have seen in my videos, I love giving head," Claudia KeAloha said. "I love to get my guy very hard by giving him head before I let him in my pussy. I love titty squeezing and sucking foreplay. Kissing and my tits being sucked make me cum the hardest. I want my partner to cum in my mouth or on my tits."

A big-boobed stripper who travels to different areas such as Hawaii and Florida to dance, Claudia is one of the rare SCORE Girls who says the word "cunt."

"When I watch my videos, sometimes I think of how I could have made it better and I laugh thinking about the behind-the-scenes moments," Claudia told me. "It's fun times. Yes, I masturbate when I watch my videos!"

We usually think that girls who do porn are size queens regarding their personal penis preferences, but for Claudia, that's not the case.

"Size is important, but I don't need a really huge dick. I like a good dick size. I like to have my nipples sucked as we fuck, and to be kissed while fucking makes me cum. I have sex about twice a month. I love sex, but since I do not have a boyfriend, one has to be careful. I do not like to have long-time boyfriends.

"I like the missionary position because I love to have my tits sucked at the same time. I like to be kissed. I like to see the guy's face and have eye contact with him, too. My least favorite is doggie because I can't see anything."

I mentioned to Claudia that mirrors could solve that problem.

I suppose it's crazy to write this, but my favorite Claudia video is not a sex scene. It's a video of her trying on ridiculously tiny bikinis in the SCORE models' dressing room. It's no surprise that guys drop a load in their pants when they get a Claudia lap dance in the VIP room.

Doin' the nasty with a stacked lap dancer

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