East Meets Breast with Diana Wynn and Kaiko

In May of 1993, when a photo crew traveled to Tokyo with Chloe Verier, they met up with Japanese model Kaiko. She shot several solos, this scene with Diana Wynn and another scene with Polish model Magda.

This raw video includes several retakes as Kaiko brings a tea tray to Diana, who's sleeping in bed. After waking up, Diana tells Kaiko she's got a backache. Kaiko remedies that with massage and then gets to work on Diana's nipples and bushy pussy as the director guides them.

Kaiko's pussy is as furry as Diana's. At one point, she sticks her nipple into Diana's pink hole, like she's trying to fuck Diana with her pointy nipple, an act shot in close-up. Much hairy clam licking, fingering and nipple sucking ensues in a very lengthy video. There's a good mix of close-ups of pussies, nipples and tongues and the important medium shots showing their full bodies that help to give the viewer a sense of context and setting as they change positions. We also get a clear picture of who's doing what to whom.

Both women are sensuous girly-types with neither dominating the other. Many of us fondly remember this kind of salacious girl-girl scene, typically shot in London during the late 1980s and early 1990s (before tattoos and piercings and a more mechanical approach to sex), when the girls were genuinely turned on by each other sexually.

East Meets Breast with Diana Wynn and Kaiko

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