Extreme sweater stretching

Germany's Beshine wanted huge breasts to satisfy her extreme breast expansion fetish. Over the last 20 years, relatively few women have gone to the ultra-extremes that Beshine has.

In this video, shot in Berlin, Germany, Beshine wears a tight, button-front top. She jiggles and struts. Then she chooses a striped pullover that's cut very low. And then she picks another tight top. It's incredible. How she can put her shoes on is a miracle.

Beshine's spectacular debut in 2011 sparked major controversy, not just in SCORE but around the world. Some loved her huge tits, some didn't. Since then, Beshine has remained a tit model only. No bottomless and no hardcore.

"I love big boobs not just on me but on other women, too," she said. "Really big boobs. I think the sexiest thing about a woman is when she has huge boobs. I love it, so that's why I have big boobs, too. I was really small. In European size, I was an A-cup on one side and a B-cup on the other. I would see women with huge boobs and I would think 'You have to do it. You have to get big boobs, too.' So I got bigger and bigger and bigger, and now I am happy.

"I knew I wanted to get bigger and bigger, and when I started, I thought, 'I have to have them much bigger,' and then I thought that again, and so I grew and grew, and I liked it so much."

I doubt if Beshine will ever pose with Chelsea Charms, who is basically her American counterpart. But I wouldn't mind being stuck in an elevator sandwiched between them.

Extreme sweater stretching

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