Hooky Time Is Nooky Time For Alice Wayne

Alice Wayne is too horny to sit in class all day. She wants to start the morning off with a bang so she tells her friend Falco that she wants to skip class and fuck. Falco protests like the schmuck he is and insists that they head to the campus. That's unacceptable to Alice so she jumps him and gets his motor cranking by sticking her big, natural tits in his face and grinding on his lap.

Pulling her crop top and bra down to expose her gorgeous boobs, Alice shoves her nipples in his face. Falco's interest in academia disintegrates and he gets absorbed into sucking Alice's tawny rosebuds. Her master plan succeeds.

A girl who loves to be dicked between her tits, Alice kneels and squeezes Falco's junk between her boobs and gives him a blow job. What Alice wants next is to get boned hard. Falco even eats out Alice's sweet ass.

"Every guy I meet says he loves my tits and wants to play with them," said Alice. "A man who enjoys sucking on tits is my kind of man. He has to give them a lot of attention with his mouth and hands if he wants to get anywhere with me."

Alice Wayne: an aggressive little minx who knows how to wrap a guy around her little finger and wrap her boobs and lips around his cock.

Hooky Time Is Nooky Time For Alice Wayne

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