Hooter Haze

Isis Haze, a dancer from Wisconsin, was discovered by a Boob Cruise veteran who photographs stripper contests around the USA. She was the biggest-breasted girl at her home club, Silk Exotic, in Juneau, Wisconsin. She's won many national contests like Nudes-A-poppin' for her stage skills and wild costumes.

Isis has a special "winking" talent she shows off in the video. You'll see what that is around nine minutes in. Isis is a breast-oriented dancer. She knows all the boob tricks girls do on-stage. Lots of oiling too.

"I've been dancing fully nude. I started out like that right away," said Isis. "I know there's lots of posting on the Internet asking when I'm dancing. Their favorite trick is when I lick both my nipples. And then I lay two dollar bills down and pick them up with my titties. Guys definitely like that."

Hooter Haze

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