Jenni Noble: The Dating Mating Game

Jenni Noble is checking herself out in the mirror while she waits for Nicky Rebel to show up for their first date. Her low-cut, tight dress gives her eye-popping cleavage. Nicky is surprised when Jenni opens the door because her profile picture on the dating app was a head shot and didn't show how big-boobed she is.

Jenni gives him the "My eyes are up here" hand sign. Because she wants to date guys who are interested in women for more than just their large breasts, she didn't use a photo that shows how well-endowed she is. Jenni in her high heels is taller than Nicky. That actually works in his favor because his head is directly in line with Miss Noble's succulent sucklers.

As is often the case, dating is historically difficult in SCORELAND scenes. As soon as the guy shows up, he and his date start fucking within a few minutes and never actually go out anywhere on a date. So guess what? Jenni takes Nicky by the hand and leads him straight to the bedroom where they have sizzling, steamy sex and a boob-banging blast.

Jenni Noble: The Dating Mating Game

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