Joana & Her Magic Wand

Joana Bliss uses the high-tech way and the non-tech way to have a happy ending. One of her vibratory instruments is a magic wand, the other is a small device that looks like a prop from Star Trek. For non-tech, Joana has her magic fingers.

One of the greatest naturals of them all, Joana looks like she's discovered the fountain of youth. Yoga, meditation, a stress-free way of living, a lot of orgasms and a natural, vegan diet is what she believes in. Twice a year, Joana treks to resort areas along the Black Sea, a popular holiday spot for Romanians, to relax and spend time with friends.

When it comes to sex with a partner, Joana practices Tantra. She's studied the complex philosophy of Tantric sex and how a person's erotic and spiritual energy can be channeled, built up and released. Men hold back on cumming to allow the woman greater pleasure and both the man and the woman will ease back when they feel an orgasm approaching for a greater mind-body connection.

Joana & Her Magic Wand

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