Kids at home, ass-fucked in our studio

"Hi, I'm Shannon West, and I'm going to take it up the ass today," Shannon says matter at the start of this scene."What are you going to do to me?" Shannon asks her stud, who's already groping her tits.

"I'm going to fuck that ass of yours," he says. "I want to take it up the ass, baby," Shannon tells him, her leg draped over his. "I'm gonna suck that cock of yours."

But before Shannon sucks his cock, she takes a seat on his crotch so he can play with her pussy. And then she sucks his cock. And gets face-fucked. And takes his dick in her 51-year-old pussy. And gets fucked in her oft-fucked ass. When it's all over, when Shannon's butt has been thoroughly plugged, her stud empties his load on her pussy, and Shannon rubs it in.

"I loved that fat cock in my ass," Shannon says as she plays with the cum.

This might be a good time to remind you that Shannon is a divorcee with three grown children. Kinda makes her hotter, doesn't it?

Kids at home, ass-fucked in our studio

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