Korina Kova's Bounce House

Korina Kova's path to modeling began with a wet T-shirt contest.

"I didn't even show my tits in that contest and people were throwing money like crazy. I was having a good time. I finished doing that and one of my good friends was webcaming. I was like, 'Is this actually a thing?' So I pursued that, and then I was lucky enough to hear from The SCORE Group."

Does Korina have any favorite fellow SCORE Girls?

"Some of my favorites are Codi Vore--I love all the stuff she does, and Demmy Blaze, who is a girl-crush of mine, she looks so sweet."

Korina's a super-woman but she's also very casual.

"I'm a pretty casual girl. If I'm not working, my hair's in a nice, little top-knot, not much makeup. I enjoy going out for walks with my dog and having coffee. Everyone who knows me knows I'm a coffee connoisseur. That's what gets me going in my day. I love to eat out, going to a restaurant with family and friends. Maybe Netflix and a bed picnic. And that finishes up a day for me."

Korina Kova's Bounce House

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