Lust In The Library

Chloe is a shameless teen who squeezes in an orgasm no matter where she is!
And that includes the library. Can you blame her? Doing research is boring. She needs to diddle her clit just to stay awake! "It's so quiet I can hear if anyone is coming, but they can't hear me cumming!"

Does the possibility of getting caught excite you?
"Yes, it scares me a little but it is exciting. I think I've gotten a little too comfortable though because I've been getting more bold. I even had my hand in my panties while someone else was in the same aisle as me. I'm pretty sure I got away with it, but that's crazy!"

Would you ever have sex in the library?
"Sure. I've done oral in the library with both a guy and a girl. The trick is that you have to go to the reference aisles where hardly anyone ever goes. You wouldn't want to do that in a fiction aisle; there's way too many people. If I could find someone willing, I'd love to have someone fuck me from behind with my skirt pulled up."

Lust In The Library

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