Massaging Those Mams!

Veronika gets bored with the routine life, and when that happens she returns to fucking on-camera. "I missed porn!" she says bluntly. "It's my favorite thing. To get a lot of good sex. There are two things I like best of all. Sex and shopping. I can have both in porn."

Giorgio is hanging out on the couch when she drops by. She wants a quickie, but first she wants a massage to relax her tense neck muscles. Those big melons are heavy to carry around even with a bra. What a woman like Veronika wants, she gets if you want to get the chance to bury your face and rod between those massive titties.

Georgio gives Veronika some hands-on neck messaging for all of five seconds, but what they both really want is to shove his cock in her mouth. Then she can massage it between her soft, creamy, natural jugs. They strip down right there on the couch instead of going into the bedroom. Giorgio seems more interested in massaging her tits and her nipples than her neck.

Veronika's lady-hole gets the tongue action she loves, and when her pussy is dripping wet, it gets rammed with hard dick, just the way she loves it. Veronika's a screamer. After a strong pumping, she gets a huge facial cum-shower. It looks like Giorgio has been saving his nuts for this strapping brick-house.

Massaging Those Mams!

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