Massaging Those Mams!

Voluptuously stacked Veronika cums and goes. She disappears into a regular, everyday lifestyle, then reappears a few years later because she loves making porn and misses the attention and all the over-the-top sexing that appeals to her inner freak. The inner freak rears its horny head and Veronika feels compelled to play again. When the cameras come out, so does her inner freak.

She hooks up with Georgio who massages her sore neck, sore from the stress of carrying her load, aka huge, natural, fat tits. Georgio is not about to simply massage Veronika and call it a day. He needs some pussy. Fortunately for him, Veronika is in a perpetual state of heat and could use a pipe-fitting.

There's something about big-boobed European models that makes them different from models from other nationalities. Someone once said that European-shot sex scenes just look dirtier and raunchier but he couldn't explain exactly what he meant. We got what he said but we couldn't break it down either. It just looks different, mostly due to the women and the way they behave. They seem more lascivious...more salacious. They look into it...not just going through the motions. And the Euro-dudes almost always lick spread-wide pussy.

If you were to pass Veronika in the street or see her in a supermarket in her home town in the Czech Republic, you wouldn't guess that she gets off fucking on-camera. She doesn't dress to seek attention and show off her tits and ass. Veronika usually wears something loose to downplay her big, fat bazooms unless the inner freak escapes. Then the stretchy tops and the shorts come out.

Massaging Those Mams!

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