Miracle Of The Bells

If Micky Bells's pants were any tighter, she would need a grease gun to get out of them. Forget about the lush, scenic vistas of the Caribbean. Seeing pretty Micky walk in those heels is one of the world's greatest sights.

"Even when I do not dress sexy like this, I draw a lot of attention," says Micky.

"I like to walk for exercise," says the great bust-star who lists gaming as one of her hobbies. "I want to try bungee jumping one day."

The video is slightly different than the matching pictures. At the start of this video, Micky is wearing only blue booty shorts. She dresses in the tight pants and bustier, then undresses.

Does 36K-cupper Micky have any talents or skills she considers special? "None I can think of," Micky says modestly. "Maybe that I can suck my boobs without hands." That's definitely counted as a skill at XLGirls.

"When I feel horny, I just start masturbating. Who doesn't?"

The funniest pick-up lines she's heard so far are "Do you have a twin sister?" and "Is your mom available?" Micky did not say if she gave those guys her phone number but chances are she didn't.

Miracle Of The Bells

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