Nila Mason's Hot Date

Sexy Nila Mason is expecting a phone call from her hot date. Her wait is over. She picks up and is ready to meet him at his place. Nila gets into her car and drives to his house. This is one of the rare times we see an XL Girl drive a car. Nila's boobs are so big they almost touch the steering wheel. Matt is anxiously awaiting her arrival. Any man would be aroused at the thought of some quality sex time with this tasty treat.

Nila's pointy nipples protrude through her pink fishnet top. Matt is delighted to see her show up, especially dressed so hot, and can't keep his hands off her big tits the second she steps through the door. Nila reaches for his junk and her joy at seeing he's pitched a tent for her brings a happy smile to her lips.

Matt palms Nila's twin treasures and examines them like he's examining expensive gems. Her tits dwarf his hands. Bending forward, he greedily sucks and squeezes his hot date's huge breasts and watches her pull his cock out of his pants.

They walk into the bedroom. Nila sits on the bed, dressed with her tits out. She examines his rock-hard boner. Stiff is how Nila gets every man who sees her. She licks his dick like a candy stick with her swirling pink tongue, then she sucks on it, running her hand back and forth along the shaft, faster and faster.

Nila takes her tits in her hands, buries his cock between them and pushes her chest into him while he pumps her cleavage. She takes a few more deep sucks and lies on her back. Matt lowers Nila's top, spreads her legs and plunges into her pussy, watching her boobs moving rhythmically as he fucks her hard.

Nila Mason's Hot Date

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