Patricia In The Middle

Patricia Gold catches Neeo and Thomas checking out some SCORE magazines. "Oh, nice!" utters Patricia, who is wearing a corset that makes her giant tits almost hit her chin. The guys toss the mags to the side and make room for Patricia between them. She's horny for cock. Two cocks. Exactly what the boys have in mind.

They each help themselves to a breast banquet, sucking and licking away. Patricia's big boobs have been a man-magnet since she reached maturity. The guys she meets can't keep off them and Patricia says she would not have it any other way.

Taking a dick in each fist, Patricia sucks on each dude, and at one point, tries to shove both cocks in her mouth at the same time. This woman loves the men-folk! While she's busy blowing one, the other is fucking her cleavage like it's a pussy. At first, they do it while Patricia is sitting. Then she gets on her back for it. Her boobs really are big, heavy and beautifully. "My big boobs are my best features," says Patricia. "I like for guys to appreciate them."

Before they jack off on Patricia's face, the two tag-teamers deeply appreciate Patricia with cock at both sides. You name the position, they do it.

"What makes sex so different for me when I make a video?" asks Patricia. "These crazy guys. They are sex-crazy. I did not meet guys like this before."

Patricia In The Middle

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