Pitching Hay

Welcome to Codi Vore's 30K Ranch. Codi likes to pitch hay and take pleasure breaks. The ranch workers are always eager to lend her a stable hand. They'd all like to horse around with the beautiful, buxom blonde.

"I'm very submissive," Codi said. "In camming, sometimes I like to play dominant roles because I reenact what I want from a dom, and I feel like I have a good grasp of that mindset. You know, what subs want. But in the bedroom, I usually let the man have all the control. That's how I like to do it."

Where does Codi stand with having sex on a first date?

"As a kid, I was told that men only want one thing. But almost every guy I've had sex with fell in love with me afterward. Sex is an important component to any relationship and you should find out sooner than later if you're compatible in the bedroom."

Pitching Hay

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