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I usually cook for a guy, massage him, maybe give him a blow job or something, Cami Cooper said about pleasing a man she likes. So when this busty mommy is alone in the house and baking some pies, she waves JMac into her kitchen and offers him some of her pie. That's an offer you can't refuse. He tries some of her pie, not on a plate but right off her big, fat tits. The best kind of serving tray.

After JMac plays with her jugs and dry humps her over the kitchen counter, Cami is eager to get some hard cock in her mouth. She adds some whipped cream to make it sweeter and licks his dick like a lollipop. The kitchen is too tight to screw so they find a comfy couch to canoodle. Her pie is irresistible. Cami gets railed hard, just the way she likes it. When it comes to sex, she digs the ramrod types.

Cami watches her XL Girls scenes by herself or with someone. She hasn't fucked while they were playing but maybe one day she will. She enjoys watching herself suck dick. “I like long, thick cocks,” Cami said. She got her wish in this finger lickin' good kitchen wet dream.

“I love JMac,” Cami said. “He is definitely my favorite. He is very down-to-earth and very nice. Honestly, the whole scene was fun and awesome but I think my fave part was with the whipped cream and strawberries.”

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