Portrait In Beauty & Big Boobs

Gorgeous and sexy Tina Lee did not know about SCORE initially. Then things changed.

"I had an idea of how many nice-looking girls with big boobs were on SCORELAND because my ex-boyfriend used to spend his time on the site. I saw some of the girls and it was a nice surprise to me to see how many Ukrainian girls were there. Sha Rizel, Valory Irene, Merilyn. They are all lovely. I didn't know much about you before he told me. That's when I decided to try this too. I enjoy it. It was a different experience for me."

As it turned out, both Sha and Tina have pictorials in December 2018 SCORE, Tina's magazine debut.

In a letter to the magazine readers' forum, S.L. wrote, "Tina Lee really has it all. Beautiful breasts, sweet face and a shapely ass. Love the tan lines. You really hit a home run with this one. She's an absolute fox. Complete hotness all-around. Tina looks like a goddess. Her body is perfect. Many women would be jealous. Tina is like a Vargas girl come to life but with big, beautiful, natural breasts, just the way I like them."

Tina has her next new experiences already in mind. "I want to try horseback riding because I really like to feel big power between my legs," said Tina with a delightful laugh. "I want to swim with the whales in Australia and have sex on a Ferris wheel."

Portrait In Beauty & Big Boobs

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