Punk Rock Jeannine

The fashion of the 1980s and 1990s often seem excessive these days but that's the luxury of looking back. Many of the studio makeup stylists were heavily influenced by the trash-punk rock star look of singers like Madonna, Wendy Williams of The Plasmatics and others of that ilk.

John Fox remembers the greatness of Jeannine Oldfield, who is outfitted in this set like she's a back-up singer for Cyndi Lauper.

"These photos were shot in June of '89 and, like many of the layouts done with her over the two years she posed, it shows Jeannine wearing a corset. Usually corsets are fetched from the stock room to hide a model's tummy when she's overweight, but in Jeannine's case, the garment certainly wasn't necessary for that purpose.

"Jeannine was a memorable 'natural' model in more ways than one. Not only were her breasts completely natural, she also sported a full muff of pubic hair, sexy bikini tan-lines and an earthiness that gave her a girl-next-door appeal."

Punk Rock Jeannine

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