Sheer & Skintight

This excerpt from an interview with Alexis Love was conducted for the March 1994 issue of SCORE magazine.

SCORE: It seems the majority of our models are winding down their careers when they're 43 years old, but you're just getting started.

Alexis: Oh, no! Let's not talk about my age. People hate that I'm 43.

SCORE: Actually, judging from our mail, we think that's a big part of your attraction...that you're 43, but have the body and looks of a 20-year-old.

Alexis: I don't know about that, but I do feel that I look pretty good for my age, and I know I have a certain sensuality. Add to the mix that I'm natural, and I just thought modeling would be an interesting statement to make representing women my age who haven't had surgery done to their bodies. It was difficult, deciding whether to model, because part of me wanted the exposure, but part of me didn't.

SCORE: But, we heard you have considered exotic dancing recently?

Alexis: That's right, but after I thought about it some more, I came to my senses. That's not really my style. I do have an exhibitionist side and a little adventuresome nature, like all people, and, if everything was right, I might consider dancing, but not right now. Plus, I also like being a little bit of a mystery and my privacy is very important to me. That's why I would never be interested in doing any hardcore porno. I would never, ever be interested in that. My sex life is for me and whomever I'm with, and that isn't for public viewing. I feel sex is a personal and private matter, to be cherished by only two people.

Sheer & Skintight

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