Siri, will you sex me?

Siri rapidly became one of porndom's hottest girls. College-educated, Siri is married. She and her husband are swingers, so there are no marital objections to her fucking other dudes.

Of her name, Siri said, "I am Swedish and it is a very common Swedish name. It's short for Sigrid, which is not so sexy, so I shortened it. Most Swedish names are not sexy."

Siri is the quintessential creamy, blond, Nordic-American natural. If her looks lead you to guess that she's originally from Minnesota, you guessed right. I don't see a lot of girls who look like her in the adult film world. I'm surprised Doc Johnson hasn't molded a fuck doll or a Latex pussy in her likeness.

British stunt-cock Tony DeSergio fucks Siri in this scene. Siri went through a lesbian phase before she started screwing men. She made up for lost time by becoming a fuck star doing porn studs. Let Siri tell the story.

"From the time I was 19, I dated women. Well, I mean, I dated women exclusively. I had girlfriends. And then I stopped dating women, and I went through my slut phase where I was obsessed with men. I think that every girl goes through a slut phase. Mine just happened after I was a lesbian for a little bit."

Let's see a phone app fuck a guy's brains out like this Siri.

Siri, will you sex me?

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