Slippery When Oiled

Gorgeous, young Chloe Lamoure was a bodybuilder and weight trainer before she became a model. She was training heavily but stayed skinny even though she would eat. She said she was really shredded at one point. Now Chloe's at a body shape and weight that she's happy about.

"I'm a strong girl from my training," Chloe said. "Sometimes a guy will say to me 'You're really a strong girl, you're too much for me.' But I'm just like other girls."

Chloe oils her fit, sexy body outdoors, liberally applying the stuff on her tits, and once she's slippery and slick, she busts a move on her oily pussy.

"If I go out on date with a guy, I will usually wear a dress or a top that shows my boobs. But as I said, I am not dating. I will go out with my friends to have some drinks and socialize. Usually I don't wear a bra. I prefer a fitted bra so I feel comfortable. I wear tight T-shirts. I love the attention. I really enjoy that feeling when I see the guys staring at me."

Slippery When Oiled

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