Soft curves for hard men

"I titty-fuck the men in my life," Micky Bells said. "All it takes is about 10 minutes, maximum, and then a guy will cum. I can make a man cum very fast with just my breasts. I don't mind. Sometimes they cannot help it. And sometimes they want to see their cum on my breasts. I let them decide."

I've wondered if Micky is going to take the plunge and make a guy cum with her big tits on-camera. I keep thinking she will, and even though I know that Micky doing hardcore is a longshot, I can still picture it. My cum on her tits, of course. But that's never going to happen. So I'd be willing to settle for seeing some Euro-stud have that honor. If a girl as shy as Emilia Boshe can do hardcore, anything is possible.

Added Micky, "Sometimes guys are intimidated because of my boobs. A lot of men have never seen boobs as big as mine, so they are taken aback."

Micky, even the most breast-satiated guy would be taken aback if he had the chance to bump into you somewhere.

Soft curves for hard men

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