Stacked Brunette's Bust-Out

Big-boobed Jessica Roberts is a good-girl-next-door ready to turn bad girl with the big bone in no time at all. Ready to give her all and get her sex on in a hot and heavy-duty hook-up with SCORE stud king JMac. This laid-back babe will really get laid-back. If only all the big-boobed girls from Chicago were as eager to sow the wild oats as she is.

Jessica talked with SCORE's editor in the models' dressing room about her upcoming pipe-laying plans after having fucked in the photo set portion of this scene. A girl of few words and many laughs (she has a great sense of humor), Jessica just couldn't get the word "fuck" out of her mouth during their chat. "Sex" is the word she uses. She also uses her hands to describe cock size. Whatever the words, Jessica has many well-developed skills in the art of boffing, banging and bonking as you will see. Plus she can lick her own nipples, another appreciated skill.

On this day, Jessica's voluptuous body and big boobs are the new playground to enjoy. JMac plays with her hefty tits, pulling, sucking, licking and squeezing them. She tosses her clothes away and spreads her legs wide, wider, widest so he can see all the way inside her pure pink honey pot. After giving Jessica's tunnel of lust a finger banging and a tongue lashing, he fills her mouth with pumping prick and dangles his nuts over her to lick.

Jessica's natural jugs demand the skin-bus drive through her titty tunnel and she has great tits to slide between. No written invitation for this ride is necessary. Jessica's favorite form of foreplay is lots of tit-play including tit-fucking. What satisfies her best and gets her off? "A big, hard dick inside me."

Stacked Brunette's Bust-Out

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