Teacher Knows Breast

Everyone knows that being a teacher is like being in a pressure cooker. These stressed teachers have different ways of relieving the pressure. To reduce the stress from grading lots of papers before the next class, Gracie tends to take her big tits out of her clothes and rub her nipples. This makes her feel good and calms her down. The stimulation makes her even hornier. She'll need to take matters into her own hands even more.

She has a pile of papers to grade and it's already late. Gracie takes off each item of clothing (cardigan, bra, skirt and panties) and sits on one of her students' chairs. She digs her fingers deep and hard into her bushy pussy and stirs her wet hole, rubbing the meaty inner walls. That gets her cookies off good. Now she can go back and finish her grading. It's as difficult as ever being a teacher these days.

As for who left that apple on her desk, it was obviously some kiss-ass whom she's probably going to flunk. Miss Blue accepts no bribes.

Teacher Knows Breast

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