The student body

This Hitomi scene was shot during a SCORE week in the Dominican Republic, where the beauty from Tokyo met Joana, Valory Irene and Sha Rizel. What a team they made. The result was a hit movie called SCORE On Location.

Most USA studios do not assemble groups of girls from around the world and photograph them in exotic locations. This is one of SCORE's trademarks, going back to the beginning of the magazine.

Hitomi makes the perfect college coed. She drives the teachers and male students crazy. Maybe a few female coeds, too. Then she goes home, takes the clothes off her perfect body and does some homework in bed. She's an A student.

"I had an inferiority complex because of my big breasts," Hitomi said. "After I became a model, I lost those feelings about my body. I discovered that few girls have large breasts like mine.

"I am proud of all of my modeling and I am always busy. I have self-confidence now about my body. I am proud of my career as a model. I realize that my breasts make me special."

Those special qualities and Hitomi's friendly, naturally sexy, happy personality are some of the reasons we continue to photograph her in exotic locations, including Miami.

The student body

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