Tight fit

"I get a lot of attention because of my chest," said Jazmine, a short 'n' stacked beauty who could've become a porn star but chose not to. "No matter what I wear, my breasts always stick out."

Her breasts stuck out at SCORELAND because we asked her to take off her clothes. The studs' cocks stuck out because just the sight of Jazmine can make that happen. Plus they knew they were going to get to suck and fuck her.

"I love doggie-style and being on top in cowgirl and I try to have sex every day if I can," she said. "I decided to make videos because it looks like fun and the porn stars I've seen on TV inspired me to try it myself. I think a girl should try everything in life at least once while she's young, as long as she enjoys it. What I want to try next is skydiving and snorkeling in The Bahamas and fucking on the beach."

Jazmine told us her special talent is "driving a stick shift." We can see that in this video. Her stick-handling skills are primo. She's pretty good hands-free, too. Enjoy jizzing to Jazmine.

Tight fit

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