Toppsy Curvey: More Conservative Than People Knew

"I wear very conservative clothes," said Bostonian Toppsy Curvey, one of the big stars of the big-bust scene. This might surprise many who imagined her shopping at the supermarket wearing a tank top and booty shorts. Which is a pretty good image.

Toppsy was a magazine star, appeared on a slew of TV talk shows and often jumped on baseball players, a trend started by Morganna, The Kissing Bandit.

In this video, Toppsy's hair is brunette, giving her a softer look than her bright, brassy blonde.

"I don't dress like a bimbo because I'm not one. Sure, I have clothes that are risque, but when I go out in public I don't wear anything that will allow people to prejudge me or give them the opportunity to do that. Men would be surprised what is in my closet. I usually wear a jacket whenever I go out. My dance shows are different. I have a lit-up butterfly show, a '50s show and a bubble bath show that women love."

Speaking of women fans:

"Lots of women come to my shows because of the television exposure and they like to come and talk to me. A lot of women will come and say, 'I saw you on the show and I just wanted to ask you a few questions.' They're nice and they bring their husbands. Some have big boobs, some want them and others are just curious what it's like to be a dancer or a model."

Toppsy Curvey: More Conservative Than People Knew

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