Waking Up With Cheryl Blossom

It's time to rise and shine with Cheryl Blossom. It's not easy to get out of bed with Cheryl lying there in her bra and panties but there are things to do. It takes a while for Cheryl to get the dream dust off of her.

Cheryl gets naked and spends some quality time in bed before getting up and going to the bathroom to prepare for the day. Watch and enjoy as she gets ready to leave the apartment.

"I really prefer to sleep without a bra," Cheryl said. "Sometimes if I lie in bed all day long when I watch anime or play my guitar, I don't wear a bra and set my breasts free."

You won't catch Cheryl sunbathing or on a tanning bed. She keeps her beautiful skin creamy.

"I try to avoid the sun, so I think if you saw me outside in the summer, I would have something with long sleeves, and maybe you wouldn't see me at all when the sun is out."

Waking Up With Cheryl Blossom

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