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When Angel soaked her splendiferous body in the XL Girls bath, we were there to record the event in both photographs and video. Angel, from San Diego, chose her name well. She is certainly an angelic princess. She has a fetishistic side also and is a dominatrix when she wants to be. Cult movie fans will find it very interesting that Angel is a fan of the obscure black & white 1963 Vincent Price film, The Last Man On Earth. This movie was remade by Will Smith as I Am Legend. It's surprising that a chick, let alone a young chick like her, would even know about this movie, let alone count it as a favorite. But Angel is full of surprises. What's also surprising is that she says that she has sex only three times a month! A girl like her should be getting the hard meat every fucking night. What the hell is going on with these San Diego dudes? We hope Angel remedied this situation.


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