Big-Boob Hot Tub

Big-Boob Hot Tub

In January, 1989, British big-bust star Jeannine Oldfield and photographer John Graham visited America and attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. At the time, the CES had a section for the adult video companies.

As SCORE founder John Fox said, "Jeannine moved freely amongst the crowds at the Las Vegas show without getting a second look. With all of the porn starlets and glamorous exotic dancers competing for attention, few in the crowd could have known that this big, raw boned English girl would someday be a legend."

That contrast in looks and style is loud and clear in this video, with American strippers Beverly Hills and C.C. Moore getting it on with Jeannine in a hot tub. Beverly and C.C. were every inch the flashy, statuesque striptease stage stars with big blond hair and even bigger tits while brunette Jeannine was the English girl-next-door with big, natural boobs. C.C. later changed her name to Stacy Staxx.

The video begins with Beverly and C.C. in bikinis and high heels at poolside oiling up, lip-locking, going tit-to-tit, nipple-sucking and tongue-fucking. C.C. was famous for her long, serpentine tongue. They sixty-nine and go over to the hot tub. Just then Jeannine shows up.

C.C. and Beverly help Jeannine undress and step into the hot tub. It's girl-soup time. They suck on Jeannine's tits and play with her pussy, then each girl rubs her pussy in a circle-spank at the fade-out.

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