Briana Black: Curvy Girls Are Best

Briana Black is going out. She checks out her bodacious self in her mirror and approves of her head-turning clothing choices. Her tight, low-cut belly-top shows plenty of cleavage and mid-section. Her cut-off denim shorts are tight and show lots of leg. She's dressed to impress. Casual but super-hot in that girl-next-door way.

Meanwhile, Oliver is spying on her from the doorway. He's waiting for Briana's brother to come home. Briana sees him and turns around. She invites him to come closer. Briana lowers her top a little so that her nipples are right above the sweater line. Invitations don't get better than this.

Sucking on her pert nipples turns Briana on. They won't be leaving the bedroom until later. Awed, he plays with Briana's big boobs. She turns around so he can help her out of her shorts. Briana kneels and examines his dick, her eyes lighting up. Now it's put up or shut up time for the peeper.

Briana parts her lips, puts his cock in her mouth and blows, making gagging, sucking and choking sounds and giving him eye-contact. She moves his cock, wet from her throat, to her cleavage so he can fuck her big tits. Then they climb into bed for more cock sucking.

The flag pole is raised high in Briana's honor, so she climbs on top, the cowgirl way, for their first fuck-ride. Oliver's lucky stars aligned just right on this day.

Briana Black: Curvy Girls Are Best

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