Codi Vore is Big-boobed & Pink

Codi Vore is in the pink as she pleasures herself in a garden. It's secluded and private. No one can spy on the lovely blonde as she enjoys her big tits and bushy pussy.

"My favorite attention is the kind of attention I get in the bedroom. If I am intimate with somebody, I love to feel sexy. That's one of the reasons I got into camming and into modeling in the first place, to feel sexy and to be admired, and for somebody to be obsessed with my boobs is great. I love having my nipples played with, so that kind of attention is my favorite kind of attention.

"I'm really submissive. I like to be controlled, humiliated, objectified, all of those things. It's definitely taboo the kind of stuff that I like. One of the more-vanilla things I love is edging. Edging is any kind of denial to where if somebody is trying to get me off or finger me or anything like that, I like it when they touch me and then not touch me and not let me touch myself, so I'm constantly being stimulated and then denied stimulation.

"It makes me so wet, and I don't care how long it lasts. Orgasming is all I can think about. It's a good form of domination and submission because it shows that he has control over me and he's going to tell me when I get to cum and when I don't get to cum, and that's just super sexy to me."

Codi Vore is Big-boobed & Pink

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