Dallas gets herself off in a warehouse

When we interviewed Dallas Matthews, a 56-year-old wife, cougar and former model, we got the impression that she'd much rather fuck than talk.

"I would," said Dallas, who isn't from Texas. She's from Seattle, Washington. "Fucking is much better. Being naughty and playing is totally natural."

Dallas doesn't fuck in this scene. She does, however, get naughty and play with herself in a warehouse. In fact, when the scene opens, her tits and pussy are already out. We can hear the sound of men working in the background, but they don't know what Dallas is doing. Or do they?

"I hope they do," Dallas said.

Dallas is tall. She's six-feet without heels.

"My height doesn't usually bother most guys. I've dated guys five-eight. They were very sexy and fun to be with."

Dallas is fun to be with. She and her husband are swingers. She was discovered by 60Plus MILF Madison Milstar, who knows a hot woman when she sees one.

"My husband was the one who said, 'We should do porn together,' and I said, 'We can do porn together,' because he's hot and young. He's 12-13 years younger than me. We thought of it together, and he always wanted to do it. I told him I knew someone in the Seattle area who'd been doing porn for years, and he said, 'Hook me up so I can do porn.' That never happened, and we're always too busy fucking other people to think about fucking on-camera, but now I'm here. This is really exciting for him and for me."

And for us.

Dallas gets herself off in a warehouse

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