Faye Day! Faye Day!

Alexsis Faye wore the tightest skirt and the tightest button-down top to show off her shapely body and get this party started. We spoke to Alexsis who'd just returned from a holiday. No question she was the center of attention.

SCORELAND: Alexsis, do you have any funny habits?

Alexsis: Licking my lips while buying groceries. When an ex-boyfriend annoys me I slap him with my boobs on his face. Collecting shoes from each country I visit. Another guilty pleasure is collecting tins of coloring pencils and even quill pens.

SCORELAND: What kind of clothing did you like to wear as a teenager?

Alexsis: I was a punk rock kid so mostly very tight, black jeans with safety pins and black tight shirts with my favorite bands on them and lots of skate shoes. Now I dress more sexy than that.

SCORELAND: You certainly do! Do you rub lotion on your breasts daily or nightly?

Alexsis: Oh, more than one time a day. I use a bottle of oil every week on my boobs.

SCORELAND: Do you wear any tops that stimulate your nipples because of the fabric?

Alexsis: Satin tops make that happen.

SCORELAND: Which one of your recent photo shoots was your favorite?

Alexsis: Can't they all be my favorite? If I would have to pick one, it would be this one with the white top and red skirt. I felt very sexy and I couldn't stop posing for Michael the photographer. After the shooting, I went to the mall and bought the same top so I can feel that sexy at home too.

Faye Day! Faye Day!

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