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Firm & Fertile Starring Ann Calis

When I go out for the evening, I like to look sexy, Ann Calis said. “I like to put on nice makeup and a tight dress. Men always say to me that I have a sweet face and they like my big boobs. I like this kind of compliment if a man says it like a gentleman and is funny and charming.”

Ann has a way of lighting up a room. Our staff took her out for meals a few times and they told us that every time they walked into a restaurant, everyone in the place turned to look at her. They also got the best service. Our staff in the States has noticed this effect also when they take a model out to dinner. All the diners and staff are focused on them.

Ann practices yoga and loves swimming. “I love to dress in sexy lingerie, play with my tits and masturbate with my toys if I don't have a boyfriend. Sometimes I will use my fingers.”


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