Heavy-breasted & Proud

Anya Kovac is a Ukrainian (like the great Jelena Jasper) discovered by a longtime contributing photographer to XL Girls. Anya learned about us through him and the idea of posing appealed to her. The most-fun job Anya said she's had, until she started getting naked for us that is, was handing out adult flyers in a low-cleavage blouse and a short skirt.

Better that Anya poses in her birthday suit in a nice apartment rather than standing for hours as a flyer girl. "When I want to get attention, I wear a short dress with a deep cleavage," Anya says. No surprise that so many guys want to marry Ukrainian girls. She's built like a fucking brick house.

Anya asked the photographer what the deal was with leaving the toy in without holding it. That's actually a common question new to girls using toys for pictures or videos, and often a reader will write in, not getting it either. After the photographer explained, Anya understood that it shows that a girl's pussy can grip the toy without it sliding out. And if her pussy can grip a toy, it can grip a guy's boner nice and tight too. As you will see, Anya can do it. It was a long toy, too, and she got it in all the way.

Heavy-breasted & Proud

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