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Victoria Lane was a great find. Correction: She was the one who found us at our model recruiting site, BeASCOREModel.com, and asked questions about posing. When she made up her mind, she contacted us again. We lucked out.

Victoria is an ex-cheerleader who became a nurse and served in the military. I'm sorry we didn't shoot 10 more videos and 10 more pictorials of her. If emails and letters from members are an indication of a girl's popularity, then Victoria is right up there with the Top 50. If there is such a thing as the perfect V-Girl, I think Victoria is one.

We received a letter from a guy named Frank that covered all the bases about Miss Lane.

"The model that finally urged me to write is Victoria Lane," he said. "Gorgeous face, magnificent 36G boobs, a voluptuous (and to my mind, ideal) 42-32-42 figure and a wonderfully wet, spreadable pussy. To put it bluntly, I have not jacked so much in ages. She has absolutely drained me. From an exhausted but happy member, my thanks. I look forward to seeing lots more of Victoria."

Victoria was not a professional adult model. She'd never modeled for anyone before and she's never modeled for anyone since. For someone with no experience, Victoria was a natural. I think she is still a nurse.

"I never thought I would be doing this," she said. "I'm from a very conservative background and family. The girls in my neighborhood just don't take off their clothes for magazines. But I guess there's a first time for everything."

Victoria wasn't shy whatsoever, whether she was showing or telling.

"I masturbate regularly with a vibrator and a vibrating dildo while I watch a porn video," she said.

Girls who watch porn, like Victoria (and Jezhabelle, Cherry Brady and Angela White), always interest me. Most women don't talk about watching porn. I believe most women don't buy porn. Sex toys and lube, yeah. They'd rather read porn books. Excuse me, "erotic" books. I can accept that couples watch porn, usually at the guy's instigation, but I don't believe that a large number of women get home from work and watch a porn DVD or go on a porn website.

One time during a lull between photo shoots, Victoria talked about the possibility of trying a boy-girl, but she changed her mind. I didn't take that as a loss. Just having her become a V-Girl was a gain. I'm only sorry she stopped modeling completely.

Jailhouse juggy babe

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