Spread Out For Toppsy

Toppsy Curvey was content to do her stage shows, run out on the baseball diamond to accost pitchers and do her magazine and video modeling. She reacted to the idea of hardcore porn like the bride of Dracula looking at a crucifix.

"I don't speak about my sex life!" Toppsy said. "I'm a very private person. I'm a one-man woman. That's the truth. You ask me and I'll tell you. To have a good relationship, you must always be someone's friend. That's important, because you can always improve the lover in people, but it's hard to improve a friendship. You're either friends or you're not. Very few friendships can be worked into but lovers can be molded over time. I have this one person who is very special in my life and he's wonderful!

"The most difficult thing for him is he can't understand how people can look at me and see a freak. He knows me so well and it bothers him when people treat me that way. What I reply to him is that people who would make fun of me, would make fun of a 300 pound woman or a dwarf so why would we take whatever they said seriously. I really don't mind the abuse myself, because I can just tune it out but I wouldn't subject anybody else to it.

"I like going to the beach, but I would never take a friend to a public beach. For one, they don't deserve to be the subject of ridicule or exposed to it and, if they were my family or friends, they would get very upset. Take LuLu [LuLu Devine, Toppsy's stripper sister]...she would get mean if someone said one word to me, and you don't want to get LuLu mad at you."

Spread Out For Toppsy

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