Lingerie Lust

Liza Biggs has picked out lingerie to wear that's so skimpy, we've seen more fabric in a handkerchief. The bottom has no bottom to pull to the side so there's total access. This is sex lingerie, pure and simple and Liza looks fantastic wearing it. She's a walking, talking wet dream but she is real, incredibly real. We've rarely seen girls as naturally stacked up-top as Liza is. She's curvy yet slim. Keep in mind that barefoot she's 5'2" tall.

"You watch porn and you think, 'Oh, that's hot,'" Liza said. "But you don't think about being a part of it. And then to get an opportunity is surprising. Some people take it, some people don't." Liza took it.

Liza is giving Tony a back rub with her huge and heavy natural JJJ-cup boobs as the show begins. This is ecstasy for any breast-loving man and Liza is a girl who has boobs that deserve an anatomy award. A guy could spend all day getting boob-rubbed with those sucklers. Liza likes the sensations on her nipples too. "I love breast play because I have really sensitive nipples."

Liza jacks, sucks and squeezes Tony's cock until he's boob-drunk. She wants to fuck in a bunch of positions, from doggie (Liza's favorite) to sitting on the pole. Let the games begin.

Lingerie Lust

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